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What a fantastic book. Ramona is able to present her ideas in such an authentic way. It is very readable and makes incredible sense. Ramona's strong personal values have underpinned her successes in life, and the book makes her ideas on developing a business jump into such a clear and exciting picture which the reader will readily visualise. As owners of several small businesses, my wife and I found ourselves alternating between various thoughts. Ramona's clear ideas on being true to your core values excited us as we could see that in some areas it was exactly how we have striven to operate. Other points in the book challenged us to ensure that our marketing is portraying the image that we desire. The book would be an ideal gift for someone venturing into a new business or to someone wishing to reappraise their directions. It also would be a fantastic read for young people wishing to develop confidence in being who they are and wishing to present themselves in a strong individual way.
​Alan Bennetts - Teacher

I highly recommend this book if you are looking to stand out professionally and want to master the basics quickly. Ramona has taken a hugely popular topic and effectively captured the important aspects in an immensely readable manner that is especially helpful for people unfamiliar with personal development or just starting their own business. She not only talks about the what, why and how of personal branding and how it helps professionals and business owners distinguish themselves in the crowd, but more importantly, she highlights the internal work that needs to go hand-in-hand: the individual's mindset, habits and success traits. Her warmth and personality shine through her stories and make the book feel more like a conversation between good friends over a cuppa than just another self-help book.
​Serena Low - Professional Trainer and Coach

​​Easy to read and understand! This book delivers great insight into what it takes to be successful in your business. Many points mentioned I had never even thought of. Ramona is a wealth of knowledge and I couldn't recommend this book any higher!
​Emily - VA

Branding Yourself For Success is loaded with gems and takes you, the reader, on a journey of self-discovery, providing insights, tools and valuable information to uncover your unique personal brand. Helping you to understand how important your personal brand is and what you need to do to position yourself to achieve the success you want. It’s not just recommended, its required reading for all of you who want to be successful and stand out from your competitors. 
Ramona has a unique way of tapping into a person’s inner core and beauty, bringing out the essence of who they are and what they stand for. People sometimes don’t see their beauty or they wear a mask to cover what they see as imperfections, when in actual fact it’s those qualities that need to be revealed. This book helps the reader remove the mask. 
On the surface, it may appear to be like many others on personal branding but what you will quickly discover is Branding Yourself For Success is more of a holistic guide to help you connect with who you really are and how to present yourself to the world.

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